Across the globe, 59 million children do not go to school. More than a third of them live in conflict-affected areas. We defend their right to a quality education and work hard to ensure that children can continue to go to school.
In 2015, we have trained 15,000 teachers, serving 300,000 children who are forced to flee their homes. Our support to children depends on your support. Join us and let us together ensure that children continue to learn, even in conflict. Costs vary, but for 10 USD, you can ensure that a child gets access to school for one month, for 120 USD you ensure that for a year.


Starting your own fundraiser is safe and easy:

  1. Click the START FUNDRAISING button above.

  2. Customise your page and set your target (in $) by following a few easy steps. 

  3. Connect to Facebook or other social media platforms, where you can write thank yous and comment on donations as they start coming in.

  4. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about your fundraiser, and invite them to make a difference with you.


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Every day, we see how donations from people like you make a difference! You give children, women and men life-saving assistance and hope for the future.

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