Allow the Children of Palestine Dream New Realities
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Allow the Children of Palestine Dream New Realities

Brutalizing occupation, interminable conflict and devastating wars infect the lives and sleep of children in Palestine, creating nightmares, terror and unimaginable trauma, night and day. Imagine being able to help each and every child release from their own individual hell, recover towards a normal, active and creative mind, able to function in day to day life and deliver wonder-filled, peaceful dreams. A place where nightmares are transformed into deep sleep, concentration at school, greater strength and resilience, assisting growth and worth - a far brighter future. Imagine a place where children are able to conceive, build and nurture a new reality where trauma is vastly reduced and more often extinguished. The children of Palestine deserve this at the very least. Their creativity cries out to express their dreams, their hopes, their rightful place as torches for a bright future, in ways only children can. Your donation, no matter how small helps continue "The Better Learning Program" lay down the path and guide their journey forward to that goal where dreams become a reality and their future of light, peace and hope inspire each and every one of them. THE BETTER LEARNING PROGRAM: is a project run by NRC. It works in over 170 schools with teachers and psychologists in both Gaza and the West Bank, to support children alleviate the trauma experienced, through a psycho-educational intervention. It helps turn nightmares experienced 4/5 times a week, reliving the war, death of friends, family and destruction of homes and neighborhood into lives where some 2/3rds experience zero occurrences and 1/3rd a significant reduction and increased well being.

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Target: $10,000
11/2/2015 2/5/2018



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Allow the Children of Palestine Dream New Realities
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