Music for Mtendeli
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Music for Mtendeli

Mtendeli refugee camp, Tanzania. Close to 45,000 Burundian refugees are seeking sanctuary from political violence in their home country. With scant opportunity to work or leave the camp, there is little for youth to do. In response, the Norwegian Refugee Council has built a centre for youth aged 15-24 in the camp. Our youth programmes equip learners with vocational skills, literacy and numeracy, and business and life skills. We also include creative elements such as music, dance and theatre. We find this helps people who have suffered traumatic experiences to recover. So our centre in Mtendeli offers clubs in traditional and modern dance, acting and drumming – for which Burundians are famed. It also has an ICT lab equipped with laptops, where youth learn a wide range of computer-based skills. One of these skills is digital music production. We’ve put a free digital audio application on to the laptops, and youth are learning the basics of using software-based synths and samplers to create music. This is a first for NRC, and the youth are really excited to be learning. Digital music production is a complex task, but they are learning fast, and the lab is full of the sounds of sonic experimentation. However, one thing is holding them back. We do not have music keyboards for the laptops. We’d like to purchase MIDI controller keyboards that will not only teach them basics of playing music, but which also have pads for drumming. Our usual humanitarian donors would be unlikely to fund these as they would not consider them a priority in an emergency situation. We understand this, even though we think that creating music is of great value, even in emergencies. We are therefore setting up this fundraising page to enable us to buy keyboards, mice and headphones for the lab. All the funds raised will go to purchasing and/or shipping the equipment to Mtendeli. We want to see youth dancing to their own music in the modern dance club, bringing people together to take part in and celebrate their creativity, and giving them the opportunity to express themselves, as well as learn important new skills. Please help us to do this. For more details, contact Jonathan Penson, NRC’s Regional Education Adviser for East Africa and Yemen:

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Music for Mtendeli
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