Our Global Family Need Our Help!
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Our Global Family Need Our Help!

We are witness to the horrors of war, deprivation, depopulation and cynical political gain. Many of us feel helpless yet what is easy to forget are the real people suffering first hand. These we most certainly can help directly. Those suffering death, maiming, deprivation and loss of home, family, friends and country, those suffering starvation, lack, genocide, torture both mental and physical are all our global family. These brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandparents and cousins need and cry out for our help. I am working with the Norwegian Refugee Council to fundraise for all people in need and would ask your help in sharing what we can to help all who suffer. Every small donation helps hugely! We may not immediately be able to stop the terrible infliction by those grotesque minds who perpetrate the wars, genocides and deliberate deprivation but we can in a little way bring comfort to those suffering, no matter how small our contribution. What is also important to know in these dire times is that the NRC make sure every penny works for those needing it. Integrity, professional longstanding, in the field experience is part of their honourable reputation.

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Target: $1,000
5/28/2018 6/27/2018



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Our Global Family Need Our Help!
Jonathan Trapman
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