Feeling Dehydrated?
Christopher Macri East Greenwich, Rhode Island Help children fleeing war in Fallujah

Feeling Dehydrated?

This morning I was having a tough time waking up because I was feeling dehydrated. I cooked breakfast for my family and myself and had more to drink than I normally would. On the way into work, I was sipping some water I had left in my car last night and listening to a story about refugees risking their lives and the lives of their families to escape Fallujah which is experiencing a fierce battle between ISIS, local militias and others. Various military forces inside the city are actively forcing people to stay with intimidation, beatings and threats of murdering entire families. The Norwegian Refugee Council has set up camps in nearby Amiryiat Al Fallujah to receive the few individuals that have been fortunate enough to escape. As fighting continues, they are expecting thousands of refugees to arrive at the camps where they will be doing their best to survive the brutal Iraqi summer where temperatures can reach 110 degrees. The NRC are critically short on funds to provide lifesaving food and water for these individuals. Please join me in donating to provide a tiny bit of relief to individuals facing this terrible tragedy. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. If you are reading this and thinking about it, but feeling like you will get to it later, please take 5 minutes and give $5 NOW. Another human being might live another day or a lifetime because of your generosity.

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Feeling Dehydrated?
Christopher Macri
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