Civilians in Fallujah had Enough
HABEEB SALEH OVERLAND PARK Help children fleeing war in Fallujah

Civilians in Fallujah had Enough

Civilians in Fallujah had enough, but not food and medicine. They had more than enough oppression and torture under ISIS, bombs and missiles from both government side and ISIS side. During the last two years under ISIS, they forgot how basic food such as rice looks like. Many lives were wasted because of simple disease due to lack of basic medicine “Iraqi activists who are in touch with Fallujah families said that people were reduced to eating flat bread made with flour from ground date seeds and soups made from grass,” Human Rights Watch said in a statement in April. “What little food remains is being sold at exorbitant prices.” Let us not waste more lives. Little help you can give, can save many lives.

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Civilians in Fallujah had Enough
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