Sharing our abundance
Gerald Anthony Paramus Help children fleeing war in Fallujah

Sharing our abundance

Twenty thousand innocent starving people are trapped in the besieged town of Falluja in Iraq. People who attempt to leave are executed if caught. They are starving! They are forced to drink polluted river water in order to survive. Some people do manage to escape under the cover of darkness and wind up at a refugee camp run by The Norwegian Council. It's located a mere 15 miles away from the fighting. The people are fed and sheltered in the camp run by these Norwegians. It's been reported that some of the children burst into tears when handed a piece of bread to eat. We've been blessed with so much. Let's help out. I am starting a team with a goal of raising $5000.00 to donate. I will match your donation up to $1000.00

Amount Raised:
Target: $5,001
6/5/2016 7/5/2016



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Sharing our abundance
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