Harmless Families Besieged in Falluja
Ahmed Al-Damluji Khobar Help children fleeing war in Fallujah

Harmless Families Besieged in Falluja

Harmless civilians in war zones like the residents of Fallujah are the group that could get hurt most. This includes families, women and children. All they want is to live peacefully and with dignity. They are deprived from basic needs like food, clean water, clothing, medication and schooling. They have been under the cruel rule of the so called ISIS terrorist organisation for 2+ years and are being viewed as suspect collaborators by the Hashid militia which is trying to enter the town. And when they leave their homes they become refugees and would need shelter and starting a new life hopefully on temporary basis until they either got back to their homes or get permanent homes elsewhere. It is with the intention of helping these families victimised by the war in Iraq I have started this page. Please contribute with whatever amount you can. By doing so your will be helping the thousands of family refugees. I am confident that the NRC will deliver the money to the right people. Check their website for their Iraq activities news and observe their presence around Fallujah in the news.

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Harmless Families Besieged in Falluja
Ahmed Al-Damluji
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