Lend a Hand for Peace
David Smith Lambertville Help children fleeing war in Fallujah

Lend a Hand for Peace

As civilians flee areas in Iraq and Syria that were or are controlled by the so called Islamic State, the world needs to show that we care about them. These mostly Sunni areas are being retaken by a government and military forces that are mostly Shia. What happens to these people will have a direct impact on terrorists' ability to recruit more fighters to their cause. These people need our help. We are blessed with the resources to do so. In this instance, not only is it our moral responsibility to do what we can, it is also in our own self interest. Please donate, either through my page or directly to the Norwegian Refugee Council. These folks are on the ground right now caring for war refugees fleeing Falluja, some 68,000 people this week. NOTE: NRC uses a payment service overseas. It's a good idea to notify your CC provider in advance of a foreign transaction.

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Lend a Hand for Peace
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