Because giving is caring...
Eric Dubern Oslo Help families fleeing war in the Syria region

Because giving is caring...

There is so much most of us can do but also what most of us can tolerate silently watching. Those last months, the flow of horrendous videos has been continuous... So let's empower those whom act and help funding their initiatives. NRC is supporting refugees on the places they need it the most, so donate and get a +1 on your karma at the same time! For my colleagues working for General Electric, be aware that your donation to NRC can be matched by GE under the GE Match Program. This is an easy way to double your contribution … and it only takes a couple of minutes! After executing the payment the donation please: 1. Go to the GE Foundation matching website ( 2. Select ’GE Participants login’ on the left side 3. Click ’I accept’ to accept the guidelines 4. Select Norway as a country and click "go" 5. Organization name: select Norwegian Refugee Council & Click ’select’ on the right hand side 6. Fill out the amount and date you donated. 7. Click ’Save and Proceed’ 8. Check your details and click ’Submit’ 9. You will receive a confirmation Email 10. You just doubled your donation!

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Because giving is caring...
Eric Dubern
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