Because we are human.
Marija Schranz Mtarfa Help families fleeing war in the Syria region

Because we are human.

Hi, Thanks for checking in here. This means you're as disturbed as I am by what's going on in Syria and in the region in general. There is unbelievably no seeming end in the sight to the conflict. And it only gets worse and worse, with hospitals being mercilessly targeted now too. As I sit at my laptop typing this up, in my safe and happy home, surrounded by my loved ones, including my four year old who leads a peaceful joyful existence, as it should be, I am acutely aware that just over 3,000 kilometers away, people's lives are being shattered on a daily basis. Four year olds in Syria think about whether they're going to die, not about which toy to play with next. This is not on. This is inhumane. This is not the world I want to live in. This year, I've asked friends and family not to give me presents for Christmas or my birthday and to donate instead to a cause working in the area. But I still feel this isn't enough. Please help me in my cause to raise funds for the Norwegian Refugee Council which is doing vital work on the ground. It's really the very least we can do. Thank you so much, Marija

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Because we are human.
Marija Schranz
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